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Electronic Rust Proofing

What is Electronic Rust Proofing?

Electronic rust proofing is a way of slowing the oxidation of you car's metal parts by running a small electrical charge through them. This charge works against the corrosion process on a chemical level. Unlike spray-on rust proofing formulas, which protect only the surfaces that are easily reachable, electronic rust proofing protects every bit of metal connected to the charge.

The Capacitive Coupling Technology from CouplerTec has been recommended for rust prevention by car detailing experts since the 1980s, and it has delivered proven results time and time again. CouplerTec is a fully computerised system that can be easily installed on any car. In order to produce its protective electrical charge and impede the formation of rust, it draws power from your battery. However, it uses less power than your dashboard clock, so there's no need to worry about it drawing down your battery or reducing the life of your battery.

Electronic rust proofing systems like CouplerTec are transferable from car to car, so purchasing one can be a great investment. They're not just for new cars either--even cars with pre-existing rust damage can benefit from rust proofing. CouplerTec can actually slow or even stop the spread of existing corrosion, and it can help prevent new rust from taking hold via vulnerabilities in your paint job like chips and scratches.

So whether you want to keep your vehicle looking like new or prolong the life of an older vehicle, you should definitely look into electronic rust protection.