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What is Electronic Rust Proofing?

Electronic rust proofing is the process by which you protect your car from rust and corrosion by way of a cathodic anode projecting an electric field to ionize the surface of the chassis. Basically, it creates a force field to block out rust. This is a proven system that works on everything from bridges to battleships, and the process has been shrunk down to fit in a car and run off your battery. This uses less power than your dashboard clock, so there is no worry of overnight drain. It's not just new cars that can make use of electronic rust proofing, though.

Older cars that install electronic rust proofing are having years added to their lives. Mounting an electronic rustproofing device will slow or even stop the spread of existing rust and corrosion. This will add years to the life of your chassis.

Electronic rust proofing will protect the creases of your car, places that won't be touched by standard chemical coats. More often than not, this is where the rusting starts, as water and grime get trapped in them and begin corroding uninterrupted. Once started, corrosion will spread from the initial point, both in the metal surrounding it and deeper into the frame until it breaks through the other side. Quick action and careful prevention are the only defence against this. The best solution is a multi-layer protection, including electronic rust proofing and a chemical coating like Opti-coat to maximize the life and beauty of the vehicle you depend on.